Editing Tutorial: Forest Husky!

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This editing tutorial was conducted live with a group of followers from Instagram who had entered a competition I ran. I chose the winning photo and edited the RAW file. Each meeting only had 40 minutes so I was in a bit of a rush! Please let me know below in the comments if you have any questions or if you found this tutorial useful! If you benefited from it, I’d love to see your photos on Instagram, and a little shoutout is always appreciated to let others know 😊 

I’ll be keeping this page unlocked for a week or two, then it will be available to members of my online memberships (once I have that up and running!). Some notes on the edit are below 🙂 

I think it’s obvious, but please don’t share this around 😊

Live edit version

Pre-edit version

There’s two versions of this image because I pre-edited it before the live tutorial just to make sure I could 😂 but it’s always so interesting to me to see the difference when I try and re-edit something. I like the grey of the pre-edit husky more, and I guess I added more dark curves and desaturated it a bit more.

I did feel like I was in more of a rush during the live-edit, and less able to just “play” and make mistakes like I normally would. But the techniques I used are all the same… and at the end of the day, I want people to have a large selection of “tools” to use depending on the picture. Not every picture will suit this dark mood, but if you know how to use curves, you can make it into a light and airy mood instead!

Things I forgot to mention: Brushes – hardness 0%, low flow = approx 10-13 flow.

Add another curves layer (SORRY) then use the preset “linear curves” – drop opacity to 50% if the result is too strong. This just increased overall contrast. You don’t always need it, especially if you make an “s” shape in the Tone Curve in LR. 🙂

I didn’t realise the chat square up in the corner would make some weird box. Also sometimes what I’m clicking and what happems on screen is a bit behind so just be patient.

Download the “high pass” action I mention in the video. Remember to lower opacity or it’ll look crazy. 

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