About Me


Hi there! I’m Emily, and I have two border collies – Loki (black, white and pointy, constantly hungry) and Journey (red and white with naughty spots, likely to be bouncing with a leaf, or exploding with excitement at having met you).

I’m a dog lover, a photography lover, a coffee lover.
And, I am a story teller.
When I’m not out exploring, travelling or hiking with my dogs, or busy doing agility training, or taking a thousand photos, I write stories. Novels, actually.
This is what I want to do with my photography. Because our pets – dog, cat, rabbit, horse, snake, hamster, young, old, big, or small – all have their own stories to tell, but more importantly, they enrich the stories of our own lives.

Let me tell you a story...

When I was 18 I got a dog of my very own.  He became the centre of my universe. He introduced me to agility and dog training. He came everywhere with me. He was my world. Later, I have 2 other dogs along with him, and I watched him become a jolly senior citizen, with more life and joy and gusto than my serious, contemplative border collie.

But then… A once in a lifetime opportunity came up to move across the world and chase my dreams. Bigger dreams than I’d ever dared to dream. And it meant leaving my old boy in the absolute most loving home with my aunt, but missing the last part of his life.
For the past 2 years Loki and I have travelled through Europe in a small van, and I’ve seen and done so much. I’ve learnt to appreciate the small beautiful moments. I’ve taken thousands of photos of Loki from the north of Sweden all the way through to Croatia and more recently added Journey to our adventure, and together all three of us have travelled, explored, and delighted.

Despite how it might look, I don’t actually love being on the other side of the camera, BUT, these moments with my boys are so indescribably important to me that I make sure I capture them when I can. I cherish these photos the most of any I’ve taken, I think.

Here's what I've learnt...

We don’t get enough time. And we especially don’t get enough time with our dogs, horses, cats… whoever is beside you and makes your soul sing.

That’s why I want to make something special with you and your pet. Puppies grow up so fast, and our senior dogs slip away from us before we know it, and life gets so busy in the middle that suddenly we realise we haven’t stopped to just appreciate it all.So take a moment with me. Let’s make some memories together, let me tell me the story of your pet and your relationship through beautiful photographs that capture this moment in time.

Want to tell your story?

Do you have a question or inquiry? Get in touch below, I would love to hear from you.

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