I have a few favourite locations near me, but can scout others if necessary. Have a look at the images below as potential options for your session. Please let me know if there’s any specific looks, moods or poses you’d especially like and I can make sure we include them.

Please note of course that the flowers and foliage shown below do depend on the season, and some of the lighting conditions depend on the weather! However each location has a variety of pretty places we can use, so no matter the weather there are plenty of opportunities for gorgeous photographs. 

Past Hamsterly Forest, DL12 3NR

There is a small layby here with a track leading into the woods. We have to climb a fair bit of a hill to get to the best spots, but this area is GORGEOUS in the last couple of hours of the evening, perfect for backlight photos, and bright, sunny, warm portraits. 

About 5-10 minutes down the road (toward Eggleston) is a field full of foxgloves which is stunning at sunset. Included at the end of this set of photos.

Low Force, DL12 0XF

This location has SO many possibilities. Reflection pools, ever changing woods, flowers, possibility for pretty backlight, open space for some action shots, mossy logs and even waterfalls and narrow bridges. We can start getting photos almost immediately out of the car and take a gentle loop of about 3-4km (2 miles?)  which will give us a wide variety of different locations.

Crimdon Dene Beach, TS27 4HJ

What’s not to love about the beach? A walk down a fairly steep hill to the beach and we’ll head toward the cliffs where there aren’t many people. The beach is best on days with a lot of cloud drama, and allows for tons of candid action shots of your dog enjoying themselves. Less pretty posed photos, more raw DOG! 

Middleton-in-Teesdale, DL12 0RN

This is our local walk, and there are plenty of options for locations here – green and foresty, with some little creeks and waterfalls, mossy logs, ferns and rock walls, the look of these woods will change season to season, but that won’t stop us finding pretty places for your session. Some areas can be a bit more difficult to access (some of the waterfalls for example) and we need a good bit of light to be able to shoot in here as the canopy blocks a LOT of it. There isn’t really an opportunity for backlight photos in here either as it is within a valley which blocks the evening sun.  

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